Building Your Online Business Through the Power of Creativity


Empowering your business with innovative thinking and a problem-solving attitude by fostering creativity within you.


Mentoring you to establish a robust foundation for success through strategic planning and clear definition of business goals.


Guiding you to creatively craft a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your unique business needs, empowering effective execution.


Empowering you to foster growth through continuous learning, adaptation, and leveraging creative and strategic thinking to expand your business.


Equipping you with an actionable plan and consistent actions to navigate challenges creatively and achieve sustainable success.

Transform Your Passion into an Online Business - Live Webinar

Learn how to turn your passion into a thriving online business with essential steps to get started, focusing on developing a creative mindset as the foundation of your venture.

The Best & The Brightest Solutions Come From A Creative Mind.

Discover how a creative mindset can transform your approach from conventional to out-of-the-box problem-solving and innovation. Enroll in our course on Developing a Creative Mindset and start generating breakthrough ideas today.

Get Fit For Success Online

Just as physical fitness is crucial for success in a sports career, a creative mindset is vital for consistent success in any business or profession. Therefore, we have centered our journey for your online business model around the following criteria:
01. Building The Foundation for Business

Our first step is to inspire your thinking by planting the seeds of creativity, aiding you in connecting the dots effectively as you embark on your journey.

06. Growing & Scaling Up

Having cultivated a creative mindset and with our consistent mentoring, you'll fuel your journey of growth and expansion. With a wealth of ideas, you'll achieve and surpass your goals, continually setting higher ones for the future.

05. Funnel Building & Marketing

Guiding you in crafting funnels and employing creativity to develop engaging communication and effective hooks to engage your audience is the cornerstone of consistent growth.

02. Designing a Road Map

From exploring your passion and niche to conducting your SWOT analysis and fostering self-development, your roadmap is crafted by those who've navigated similar paths before.

03. Planning & Creating Curriculum

We'll focus on your identity and goals, guiding you through mastering content creation. You'll expertly craft courses, webinars, and other tools, ensuring greater success.

04. Integrating Systems & Modules

Embracing a system-driven approach and developing modules to manage your entire business is akin to breaking your journey into smaller, thrilling, and refreshing trips.

A business naturally thrives in a creative & inspiring environment.

It's a space where ideas and innovation flow freely, opening doors to endless possibilities. Just like learning to ride a bike, once we master driving, the joy and thrill are boundless.

Similarly, living a life of creativity brings limitless fulfillment.

On our mission to create 1,00,00,000

success stories.

  • Fuels business growth.
  • Fosters teamwork.
  • Propels business success.
  • Cultivates a culture of ideas.
  • Inspires overcoming 'No'

Be A Creative Alchemist

Creative leadership paves the way for consistent, massive success.

From establishing a foundation with a creative mindset to reaching the pinnacle through Creative Leadership, your career trajectory is shaped by continuous innovation. This not only empowers you to turn ideas into action but also enables you to lead with creativity and dominate the marketplace.

Ready to take your business to the pinnacle of success?


Overseeing my own creative agency in Dubai, I've generated upwards of 10,000 innovative ideas.


Over the past 18+ years, I've dedicated my time and energy to learning, creating, and delivering results.


Elevated the brands of over 250 clients while running my agency in Dubai.

Chase your own dreams, or you might find yourself fulfilling someone else's.

Identify Your Passions:

Explore your interests and uncover what truly drives you.

Set Clear Goals:

Define your destination with clarity and purpose.

Take Action:

Transform your dreams into reality through consistent steps.

Embrace Challenges:

View obstacles as stepping stones to greatness.

3 Essential Courses to kickstart

your online business

Unlock the potential of your online business with these three essential courses:


Essential for All Entrepreneurs, empowering you with skills to manage your brand and relevant communication.

INR 3,100


A must for all professionals and entrepreneurs, transforming you to create fresh ideas & opportunities.

INR 3,400


Unmissable for social media enthusiasts and content creators elevating your marketing campaigns to a dominant state through consistency.

INR 3,100

What they are saying about us.

Under the guidance of

our mentor, Mr. Deepak Dhiman, I've witnessed true creative genius at work. It left me feeling inspired and empowered to elevate my creativity to new heights. Can't wait to apply

what I've learned.

Sheetal Indise


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Webinar on Crafting 30 captivating reels in 10 Hours. I learned about creativity, branding, AI, Canva and Reels Creation. Deepak Dhiman’s experience is multifold and recommend to attend this session.

Jeganathan, Coimbatore

Organization & Systems Consultant


made everything super easy to understand and even showed us some tricks to make reels in the simple manner. He knows his stuff and genuinely wants to help us. I can’t wait to start creating reels for my social media.  



Step by Step Elevating Your Online Journey with the Power of Creativity

Explore the five crucial steps for creating a sustainable online business model, with creativity as the first step.

Upcoming Live Webinars

05:00 pm


How to establish an Online Business

Join us for a comprehensive webinar covering everything you need to know about starting an online business in any industry, from A to Z.

05:00 pm


How to craft 30 captivating reels in 10 hours

Master the art of crafting 30 captivating reels in just 10 hours using free tools and dominate the social media game!

05:00 pm


How to use AI creatively and collaboratively

AI isn't just about seeking content through pre-defined prompts; it's about using it creatively and collaboratively.

Quench Your Thirst For Financial Freedom

Success is the fountainhead of financial liberation, stemming from creativity with which you address the challenges of others.

3 Membership Offers For Your Financial Freedom

Take the first step and join our community at the foundational (BUILD) level.

Gradually elevate yourself as you build your creative mindset, learn, and start your business.


Lay the foundation and cultivate financial freedom


Expand your business with various strategic decisions.


Reach your goal of consistent, financial growth.

Who are these tailored for?


Professionals seeking online ventures find expert mentoring, with creativity as the core, paving the path to financial freedom.


From startup to success, our online coaching and mentoring, rooted in creativity, pave the way for entrepreneurial achievement.


Freelancers venturing into online opportunities find that navigating through creative pathways leads to financial freedom.


Craft content as unique as you are, forging stronger connections with your audience and paving the way to financial freedom.


For travel enthusiasts leveraging their expertise, our creative approach to online business provides an amazing kickstart.


Enterprising housewives, maximize your time by turning hobbies into an online business and personal brand.


Subject teachers, ready to harness their expertise, can embark on a rewarding journey by transitioning to online coaching.


StudentPreneurs, fueled by passion and ready to start early, can kickstart their entrepreneurial journey with an amazing launch.


Side hustlers can leverage experience to create their brand, with creativity as their starting point towards financial freedom.

Join Our Community of Creative, PROFESSIONAL & SUCCESSFUL Leaders IN THE MAKING.

Empower Yourself In Our Creative & Inspiring Environment!

Ignite Your Creative Spark with Like-Minded Individuals

Stretch Your Mind Creatively, Break Free from Conventions

We are known for uplifting minds to

create what it takes to build

successful businesses.

Through our guidance, minds are uplifted to unleash their entrepreneurial potential, as we provide the tools and support needed to transform aspirations into thriving businesses.

You Are The Product Of Your Environment

We are the environment needed by you



INR 19,999 Lifetime)

Embark on the first step of laying your foundation, branding, learning, content creation, and gearing up for success. With creative and strategic guidance, we'll help you experience the thrill of making your first course or webinar sale.


INR 49,999

Your next step is to further establish yourself, elevating creativity, building your team, developing new products, scaling up your marketing efforts, networking with like-minded individuals, seeking personalized support, and more.


Seek A Proposal

Dream of fostering a creative and innovative culture within your organization? As a founder leading a team of over 25 players, envision your team thriving on innovation, brimming with ideas, and transformed into thinkers? We have the solution for you.


INR 1,49,999

Having elevated yourself to a new level, it's time to 10X your business, achieve financial freedom, create higher-level content, dominate your industry, access personalized services, author a book, and realize your long-term vision through strategic thinking.

We Listen, We Create: Your Brand

As a special service, we offer our students an exclusive branding package to establish their presence.

Our comprehensive 'Branding' bundle includes logo design, tagline creation, business cards & stationery, a website, brochure, social media profiles, 30 social media image posts, 1 corporate video, and 30 YouTube reels to kickstart your business.

This all-inclusive package ensures a cohesive and impactful brand identity, setting you up for success with compelling communication and powerful concepts of international standard.

1. What do we offer for logo design?
  1. We provide a set of 5 logo options, each accompanied by taglines and business card designs, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your brand.
2. Are 5 options enough for selection? CAn ou

Absolutely. With our thorough research and 18 years of experience crafting brands in the international arena of Dubai, we ensure that each of the 5 logo options presented will meet the highest standards of excellence, allowing you to confidently select the perfect logo in the very first presentation itself.

How long does it take and what is the package cost?

Our branding package typically takes around 30 days to complete. For pricing details, please request a proposal for the bundled branding package by writing an email to or filling up the form below.

You can find samples of some of the logos we've created at the bottom of the page.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

A Few of The Branding Projects

Just Legal

Just Legal is a reputed organization providing comprehensive succession planning services to both individuals and corporates in Dubai.

L'atelier Hairdressing Salon

L'Atelier," French for "The Artist's Workshop," is a salon where hair styling and beauty are brought to life through creativity and artistic ability.

The Biz Bar

The Biz Bar is an online networking platform designed to connect members and facilitate business with their external network through relevant introductions.

Banana Leaders Academy uplifts conventional minds to the level of Creative Alchemists, fostering Creative Leadership among students as the ultimate goal.

Request for Exclusive Branding Package

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